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Tips For Buying High Quality Best Solar Flood Lights(1)

Jul. 13, 2021


Tips For Buying High Quality Best Solar Flood Lights(1)

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The solar floodlight does not require an additional power source and can work as long as there is sunlight. It is a green energy lighting fixture. Compared with traditional floodlights, solar floodlights have the advantages of no need to lay cables for installation, energy saving and environmental protection, no power consumption, and safety and low voltage. In the current outdoor lighting construction projects, more and more projects will choose to use solar floodlights. This is determined by the advantages of solar floodlights, but there are many factors to consider when choosing to purchase solar street lights to ensure that you can purchase suitable solar floodlights. So what should you pay attention to when buying solar floodlights?

1. Consider the installation environment of solar floodlights

When purchasing solar floodlights, be sure to combine the lighting conditions and installation height of the site. Generally speaking, high-latitude areas should choose higher solar floodlights, and low-latitude areas should choose suitable solar floodlights to save budget.

The energy of photovoltaic power generation system comes from sunlight, and the same is true for solar floodlights. The sun shines on the earth year after year, day after day, according to a certain pattern. Generally speaking, solar radiation varies with the seasons, with the highest in summer and the lowest in winter.

However, due to changes in weather conditions such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, foggy, etc., the available energy provided by sunlight varies with time and climate. The value of solar radiation varies from place to place, even at different times in the same area.

Since household solar photovoltaic power systems are used in a decentralized manner, it is often impossible to obtain and use accurate weather data for specific installation locations. Therefore, usually for large-area use, refer to the radiation situation over the years as the design basis.

It should be pointed out that the solar radiation in a year changes, and the radiation value of the worst month of the year cannot be used, otherwise the designed system will inevitably be too large, resulting in waste of costs; the optimal sunshine time cannot consider the balance of supply and demand of the system. Such a system will be small. Therefore, the power generation time of the system is long and cannot meet the power demand.

2. Choose high configuration solar flood light

When designing and configuring solar floodlights, the battery panel has low power and the battery is not fully charged. The performance was normal at the beginning, but after a few days of rain, the light began to dim, and it was completely dark in less than a year. More and more common. Therefore, when configuring the battery panel, you must select the appropriate power.

When the solar floodlight design and configuration, the battery capacity of the configuration is too small, or the solar floodlighting controller settings do not meet the actual local conditions, resulting in a significant reduction in cloudy and rainy days after the measurement for more than 3 days. In this case, there are many cloudy and rainy days. Problems are prone to occur during this period, other times are normal. However, if the number of local rainy days often exceeds the setting of the controller, it will bring a huge burden to the battery, resulting in battery aging loss and early life reduction. Therefore, when setting up the controller, the number of local cloudy and rainy days must be carefully and accurately considered.

solar floodlight

solar floodlight

If the LED lamp holder of the solar floodlight uses high power, it may cause excessive discharge and premature aging of the battery. If the power is low, the brightness is not enough, causing unnecessary cost waste. This situation is relatively rare. Therefore, when we choose the LED lamp holder of the solar flood light, we must carefully choose its power.

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