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Solar Lighting in Zhanjiang people's Park

In October 2017, the lighting system in the leisure area of the people's Park was transformed into solar lighting. The existing area of 2000 square meters, all use solar power supply system, street lamp plan need not 100 square meters, need a solar street lamp.

1. 20 solar street lamps are required.

2. The height of street lamp is 5M and the lighting requirement is 50W.

3. Guarantee 3 rainy days.

4. The thickness of metal material of street lamp pole shall not be less than 25mm, which is known for 3 years.

Solar Lighting in Zhanjiang people's Park

Solar Lighting in Zhanjiang people's Park

Product Description

Solar tube street lighto.: S

Item no.: MS750

LED power option (Work power) 60W ;

Solar Tube Power: 18V 100W*1PCS ;

Battery Capacity: 18650 Ternary lithiun attery12.8V 60Ah LiFePO4;

LED Chip:Philip 2835

CCT : 3000K(it can be customized)


Luminous Flux : 3000lm;

Beam Angle :120°

IP Rating: IP65 ;

Recharging time: 8-9 hours by bright sunlight;

Mode: Light control + time control;

Cloudy/Rainy days:2-3 Cloudy/Rainy Days;

Working Times: 50W*4hrs+25W*8hrs;

Pole Height: 6m(it can be customized);

Light Material: High-end aluminum alloy (anodized appearance);

Solar Tube Size :1066*230*213mm;

Lamp Size: L550mm *W 320mm *H80mm;

Operation Temperature :-25℃-65℃;

Warranty: 3 Years

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