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Send the solar street lights to the countryside

On September 3, 2020, Huang Qi Village, Yangchun Township, Guangdong Province purchased solar street lamps from us, which effectively solved the problem of villagers' difficulty in traveling at night and brought light and safety to the villagers.

Send the solar street lights to the countryside

In Huang Qi Village, because the collective economic foundation is relatively weak, there are few lighting facilities on the main roads of the village, and it is difficult for the villagers to travel at night, and there are also potential traffic safety hazards. It is the urgent desire of the villagers to install solar street lamps, and 170 solar street lamps are needed for the whole road section.

Send the solar street lights to the countryside

After understanding the actual situation of Huang Qi Village and considering the actual situation of our enterprise, our company actively fulfilled its social responsibility, accepting 70 street lamps from Huang Qi Village and donating 100 solar street lamps to help Huang Qi Village improve its infrastructure conditions.

After the installation of these solar street lamps, the history of villagers traveling in the dark at night will be ended. The solar street lamp in the new countryside not only brings light to the villagers, but also illuminates the happy road for the villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich.

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