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Chengdu Duyibai Plaza

Renovation of 18 solar lights in Chengdu Duyibai Plaza. The main purpose is:

1. Decorate the square

2. The design of the lamp is simple and elegant, and it can illuminate 360° .

3. The lamp pole is 8 meters, the actual lighting power is 100 watts, and the lighting time lasts for 3 rainy days.

Chengdu Duyibai Plaza

Product Description

Waterproof solar powered urban solar led street light manufacturer

Item no.: MS-STB230-100W + MS-GL806-30W;

Pole details:

Supplied without foundation and anchor bolts

1. Pole height: 9m octagonal pole (Custom colors and designs);

2. Pole material: Q235 Steel Shaft ;

3. Finish Options: Powder Coating for Light Fixture&Hot-Dip galvanized surface sprayed;

4. Pole Body Size:Top Diameter 89mm, Bottom Diamete280mm, thickness 3.0mm;

5. Flange size: 350*350*12MM

6. Warranty: 3 years

Chengdu Duyibai Plaza

LED Street light details:

Frame Material: Die-casting Al+Tempered glass;

Input voltage:36V 0-2000mA;

Lamp power: 96pcs*1W 2835 Philips;

Colour Temperature:5700K(It can be customized);

Lumen: 4000LM (16W);

Beam angle:120°;

Lamp sizes: D600*H380mm ;

Waterproof: IP66

Warranty: 3 years

Chengdu Duyibai Plaza

Solar Modules details:

1.Solar Pole:18V 100W x 2pcs;

2.Solar cell Type: Mono Crystalline ;

3.Solar cell Efficiency: 21%;

4.Solar pole size: 1160*230*213mm;

5.Waterproof: IP65

6.Warranty: 3 years

Controller & Battery details:

1.Controller: 12V 10A MPPT;

2.Control mode: Light+Time

3.Battery: 12V 50Ah Arc Battery

4.Battery type: Built-in Ternary Lithium

5.Back-up: 2 rainy days

6.Operating Temperature: -25℃-65℃;

7.Waterproof: IP65

8.Warranty: 3 years

9. Battery mounted under ground.

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