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16th Middle School basketball court and surrounding lighting

The surrounding lighting of the basketball court and basketball court of the 16th middle school of Guangdong Province

1. There are 14pcs solar lights in total, high 5M .

2. The working power is required to reach 30 watts

3. Requires lumens 3000LM

4. Working hours 3 working days in rainy days.

5. The warranty is 3 years.

16th Middle School basketball court and surrounding lighting

Product Description

Solar tube street lighto.: S

Item no.: MS624+MS630

LED power option (Work power) : 30W;

Solar Tube Power: 18V 150W;

Battery Capacity: 12.8V 48Ah LiFePO4;

LED Chip: 144pcs*Philip 2835

CCT : 6500K(it can be customized)


Luminous Flux :  4800lm;

Beam Angle: 70*150°

IP Rating: IP65 ;

Recharging time: 8-9 hours by bright sunlight;

Mode: Light control + time control;

Cloudy/Rainy days: 2-3 Cloudy/Rainy Days;

Working Times: 30W*4hrs+15W*8hrs;

Pole Height: 4m(it can be customized);

Light Material: High-end aluminum alloy (anodized appearance);

Lamp Size: L550mm *W 320mm *H80mm;

Operation Temperature: -25℃-65℃;

Warranty: 3 Years

16th Middle School basketball court and surrounding lighting

Applications: the solar tube is suitable for various complex climate environment applications. Such as desert climate, icy weather, big farm, seaside, aeolian area, ect. It's also suitable for urban street light conversion solar street light.

Product advantages:

● High efficiency solar cell

Using imported sunpower photovoltaic cells, the power generation efficiency is as high as 23%, which is the highest for similar products.

● All aluminum housing

All aluminum shell, not afraid of wind and sun, sea water corrosion. The solar tube can keep the structure stable for a long time.

● Excellent circuit design

Adopting sufficient international standard wire and solid core connector wire design, effectively reducing power consumption.

● Easy to install

You can directly put on the pole within D150mm, without the need to change the structure of the pole. You can also choose our controller and battery.

Multiple light pole options

Integrated short arm pole; Octagonal cone rod; Integrated long arm pole;

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